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Remote Radiance: DREO’s Oil Radiator Heater Innovations

In the world of home heater, DREO shines on stage with its cutting-edge OH515 radiator heater, a testament to innovation and warmth. As a heater with remote control, this oil-filled heater goes beyond conventional heating, bringing a wordless companion for cozy winter nights with the added convenience of remote control.

Effortless Control: DREO’s Heater with Remote Mastery

DREO‘s OH515 Radiator Heater introduces effortless control with its mastery in remote operation. Packed with a remote control providing 19-feet access to all functions, users can easily adjust settings without leaving the comfort of their sofa or bed. The mute function of the heater with remote control also adds a touch of tranquility, allowing users to enjoy the warmth without button sounds.

Home Comfort Redefined: DREO’s Oil Radiator Heater Brilliance

This home heater redefines home comfort with brilliance, offering a powerful 1500W for whole-room warming. The programmable 41-95°F digital thermostat and 1-24h on and off timer, with 1-hour increments, provide customizable heating solutions. The four heat settings (600W/900W/1500W/ECO) and cool-touch exterior with a wraparound design ensure both safety and comfort.

Smart Heating Solutions: DREO’s Remote-Controlled Home Heater

DREO’s OH515 Radiator Heater embodies smart heating solutions, featuring four heating modes to personalize warmth and prevent energy overuse. The easy movement facilitated by universal wheels and tool-free assembly further enhance user convenience. With premium diathermic oil, this heater stands out for its stability, efficiency, and the assurance that no refill or change is needed forever.


In conclusion, as a heater with remote control, DREO’s OH515 Radiator Heater stands as a pinnacle of innovation, providing not just warmth but a seamlessly controlled heating experience. Elevating home comfort with remote mastery, this oil radiator heater showcases the brand’s commitment to intelligent heating solutions. Embrace winter with DREO’s wordless companion, delivering warmth for your whole family with unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

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