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Unleashing the Power:Lipower’s Compact Power Station

With an experience of more than 20 years, Lipower has transformed from an experienced battery manufacturer into a professional portable power station manufacturer since 2012. Equipped with established production lines, Lipower makes efforts to provide high-quality and efficient portable energy storage products at competitive prices, as well as the most considerate OEM & ODM services.  Lipower’s specialized workshops are under dustless management, the experienced workers follow well-organized schedule, and it owns the professional inspection equipment. All these ensure a high capacity in Lipower.

Outdoor Rechargeable Portable Power Supply

With high-quality portable solar power stations, Lipower’s compact power stations have the best rechargeable portable power supply. By using a small-capacity battery pack, the product’s weight is reduced. Lipower’s  compact power stations are lighter and easier to carry, which is suitable for short-term outdoor power demands.  Also, Lipower’s compact power stations can be used with its flexible solar panels, so as to get convenient rechargeable portable power supply solutions.

The BMS battery management system has over-voltage, over-current protection, and over-heat protection. It helps adjust the charging voltage and speed to suit your device’s needs. Moreover, with pure sine wave, the compact power station can generates less electrical noise and the equipment and appliances can runs longer, cooler and more efficiently.


Lipower’s compact power station promises to unleash the power easily and quickly. With its sleek design, Lipower’s compact power station is perfect for users who are fond of traveling or other outdoor activities. If you are looking for a compact power station that offers plenty of convenience and benefits, look up further information on Lipower!

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