Extremely Useful Four of a Kind Card Game Information New Players Should Know

For those of you who bet, surely everyone knows the 52-card deck of cards. In which one of the main cards is the Ace or Ace. This is considered the main card of the deck and Four-of-a-kind card game also originates from here. If you want to know more about this type of jasmine, please refer to the article below New88 Please.
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What is the four-of-a-kind card game?

Four of aces is one of the decks of cards in the Western card game, consisting of 4 cards of the same number. Each card has a different color: Coeur (hearts), Pique (spades), Carreau (diamonds), and Trèfle (clubs). Each card will have a different meaning, creating an interesting and meaningful quartet in a deck of 52 cards.

When you own 4 Aces in your deck, this means you can implement many different strategies. Remember, you give yourself a chance to redeem extremely impressive rewards. In general, if you are lucky enough to have 4 Aces in the deck with good calculations, the player can completely change the outcome of the game. Furthermore, this also gives you a higher chance of winning.

The four-of-a-kind card game at New88 is definitely an extremely interesting and exciting game that betting enthusiasts should not miss.

How to effectively deal four of a kind in the four of ace card game

How to deal four-of-a-kind cards is a tip that many players are interested in. Because a four-of-a-kind card will bring an extremely high chance of winning and turning the tide of battle in each hand. Let’s find out with New88 through the content below.

How to arrange cards with four aces

If you want to have four-of-a-kind cards, the first and very important thing you need to do is arrange four-of-a-kind cards. If the cards are placed incorrectly or out of position, the game will go in a different direction, contrary to the dealer’s original wishes.

When you want to arrange cards to get four aces, you need to put all the aces in the same place with the other cards. Note, you need to mark to clearly know where the 4 Aces are like placing your little finger to mark. Then the deck will be divided into 2 parts: the 4 Aces part and the remaining cards.

At this time, you will use your left hand to collect part 1, while your right hand will collect part 2 and place it on top of part 1 in staggered directions.
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Instructions for shuffling cards to deal four of a kind in the four of ace card game

After learning about how to arrange cards, players need to learn how to shuffle cards to get a set of four aces with the following specific steps:

  • If all 4 Aces are ranked at the top, it will be very good to deal the cards. In other cases, from the place marked when stacking the cards, the player must shuffle the cards. This gives you a higher probability of getting a four-of-a-kind deal.
  • Use your index finger to gently push any Ace card, clamping it with the other cards. Then, put part 2 of the card on top of part 1. Thus, the deck will now have 1 Ace at the bottom and the remaining 3 Aces will be at the top.
  • Do this repeatedly, marking the Ace above and the 3 cards below. When dealing, players need to remember to shuffle the cards in the middle and keep these Aces intact.
  • Go back to the second move and do this at least 3 more times, you will have 4 Aces in 4 positions. Arrange the real cards to be dealt to their correct position: The first Ace is at the top and the remaining 3 cards will be arranged in the 4th, 8th and 12th positions respectively from bottom to top.

Thus, when the round cards are dealt, these Aces will fall into your hand and become four of a kind Aces.

Can a four-of-a-kind ace win white?

The white rule means that the player owns a special group of cards according to the rules to win the game without having to play until the end as usual. At this point, the player can win all of the other people’s bets. The game endsAustralia soon and you will start with another hand.


In Four-of-a-kind card game, although the four-of-a-kind ace is your main force, it cannot help you win white. To get to white, the player needs to own special cards or the entire deck must follow a certain rule.

Above is all the information about Four-of-a-kind card game of bookmaker New88 shares with you guys. To be able to outwit other players and win in card games, you should practice a lot until you master all card playing skills.

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