Casino New88 – A Prestigious Green Address Not To Be Missed

New88vinet is a familiar destination and receives high trust from the online entertainment community. Not only is it strong in sports, cockfighting, lottery,… the house is also a trusted rendezvous for genuine green souls. Right now, let’s explore the interesting casino section of the betting site with many notable advantages.

Overview of casino New88

Maybe for many people, especially players from Vietnam, New88 casino sounds quite strange. But in fact, the betting site has been operating for a long time in key markets such as the Philippines, Cambodia, China,… with a number of millions of members.

The online casino playground has been legally licensed by leading organizations in the field of online entertainment such as PAGCOR and IOM. Therefore, participating in the experience here you will not need to worry about fraud or scams happening, everything is transparent and clear.

Why do many people choose New88 to play casino?

Casino New88 is a strong segment of the house, attracting thousands of members to participate in the experience every day. To be able to create such a strong attraction, we need to mention a series of notable advantages as follows:

Gathering the most classy casino betting halls

New88’s cooperation with a series of top quality betting halls in the world such as AE, SA, AG, TP, WM,… has brought peace of mind to members. Because these are all reputable betting halls, high green nine rates, diverse bet levels, anyone can participate in the experience.

New88 casino game store is extremely diverse

Accessing the house’s casino game catalog, you will come to a red and black paradise with many attractive games. These include Baccarat, Sicbo, Bull Bull, Fantan, Poker, Dragon Tiger,… Guaranteed you will find your strong game to experience and receive great rewards.

International standard casino interface

Not only that, joining New88 casino, players also feel excited because the betting tables are designed according to real world-class casino standards. Accompanying members in each red and black bet are beautiful, seductive female dealers. They will act as betting controllers, supporting operations on the betting table to make the fun more interesting.

Lots of house offers for casino players

Participating in the casino section on the New88 platform, players will have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives to increase their experience. Such as account deposit incentives for new members, huge daily bet refunds, and attractive insurance bets.

Experience peace of mind with advanced security technology

In particular, coming to New88, you will feel secure without worrying about your personal information being leaked, or someone hacking your account. Because the house is equipped with advanced multi-layer security technology of 126 bit SSL standard. Commitment to all member data being encrypted and securely protected on server platforms abroad.

Always receive enthusiastic support from customer service

During the casino experience at New88, players also receive enthusiastic support from customer service specialists. When you have any problems that need to be answered or complained, you just need to connect with the dealer via consulting channels such as Telegram, Hotline, Online Chat,… and someone will immediately support you without having to wait long.

Discover super “hot” New88 casino games

As shared above, casino games at the house are extremely diverse. But the most notable are the nine green games that we share below:

Dragon Tiger

This is considered a “true love” game for those who are experiencing this category for the first time.Dragon Tiger New88 The rules of the game are extremely simple, just predict correctly which door has the higher score to win money immediately.


The way to play the Baccarat game is quite similar to Vietnamese scratch cards. In this game, you also need to make a prediction about whether Banker or Player has a score equal to or closest to 9. If the prediction is correct, the bonus will be added to your account immediately.
See : NỔ HŨ NEW88


This New88 green game is a confrontation between the player and the house. From the initially dealt cards plus the cards drawn during play. The side whose score is equal to 21 or closest to 21 will win. If the score exceeds 21, it will be considered a “flick” and the bet will be lost.


It can be seen that New88 casino is truly an ideal meeting place for those who are looking for a reputable green playground to experience. What are you waiting for? Visit our website, register an account and bet now to have the opportunity to receive unlimited rewards every day. Wishing you sublime gaming, hundreds of bets and hundreds of wins.

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