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Introducing Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm: Ensuring Safety and Security on the Road

Steel Mate, founded in 1993, has established itself as a leading provider of automotive safety electronics solutions. As an accredited national High Technology Enterprise, Steelmate prides itself on its advanced research and development capabilities, resulting in numerous invention patents and utility model patents. With its state-of-the-art industrial park spanning 185 acres and equipped with cutting-edge production lines, Steelmate stands at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing.

Steelmate’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience extends to motorcycles, exemplified by the introduction of China’s first one-way motorcycle steelmate alarm ┬ásystem. Designed to deter potential security threats and safeguard both the vehicle and its contents, Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System provides comprehensive protection against theft and other crimes. By activating alerts for impacts, movements, and engine starts, this sophisticated electronic device offers peace of mind to riders.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Advanced Functionality: steelmate motorcycle alarm system boasts an array of features, including automatic disarm when the ACC is on, low power consumption, and arming and disarming capabilities. It also offers a convenient mute arming option and an auto arming and re-arming function, ensuring optimal usability for riders.
  2. Enhanced Security: With anti-hijack and engine immobilization features, Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System adds an extra layer of security to motorcycles. Moreover, the adjustable shock sensor sensitivity allows riders to tailor the alarm system according to their preferences and surroundings.
  3. GPS Tracking: The motorcycle locating feature enables riders to track their motorcycles in case of theft or misplacement, providing invaluable assistance in recovery efforts.
  4. Seamless Integration: Steelmate’s Motorcycle Alarm System effortlessly integrates with motorcycles, offering compatibility with various models and enabling users to benefit from its comprehensive range of features.
  5. Trusted Quality: With more than 12 million sets sold, Steelmate has earned a reputation for high-quality products that meet international standards. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to rigorous quality control processes ensure that customers receive reliable and durable solutions.


With “Steel Mate” as its flagship brand, Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System is a must-have for motorcycle owners worldwide. Whether partnering with renowned carmakers or serving after-sales customers, Steelmate’s dedication to safety and convenience remains unwavering. As your trusted provider of automotive electronics, Steelmate is committed to delivering exceptional products and services, backed by stringent quality inspections and continuous improvement initiatives.Experience the epitome of security and reliability on your motorcycle with Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System. Drive confidently knowing that Steelmate has you covered every mile of the way.

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