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Elevate Your Business Lighting Solutions with Mason: A Leading Manufacturer of Commercial LED Flood Lights

If you’re in search of a reliable manufacturer of commercial LED flood lights, Mason is your answer. As a trusted LED Flood Lights Manufacturer, Mason has established itself as a top-tier player in the industry, thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Among their impressive array of products, the Master Series Floodlight 800W stands out as a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed to enhance a wide range of commercial applications. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, the Master Series Floodlight 800W delivers outstanding illumination for optimal results.

Advantages of Choosing Mason as Your Commercial LED Flood Lights Manufacturer

Mason‘s expertise in optical design sets them apart, ensuring precise light distribution and minimizing glare, making their floodlights suitable for various environments. With the Master Series Floodlight 800W, you can replace traditional light fixtures with higher wattages, enjoying significant energy savings without compromising on brightness.

Reliability and Longevity: High-Quality Components and 5-Year Warranty

What sets Mason apart is their commitment to quality and reliability. The Master Series Floodlight 800W is built using high-quality components sourced from reputable brands, and it comes with a generous 5-year warranty, guaranteeing longevity and peace of mind. The durable construction, including high-purity aluminum and die-casting aluminum, not only ensures excellent heat dissipation but also enhances the fixture’s overall durability.

Customization for Optimal Lighting: Tailoring the Beam Angle to Your Needs

Mason understands that every commercial space is unique, which is why they offer customization options. With a range of beam angles available, including 9°, 15°, 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120°, you can tailor the floodlight to achieve the desired lighting pattern for your specific space.


By choosing Mason as your commercial LED Flood Lights Manufacturer, you gain access to cutting-edge lighting solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Their certifications, including CE and SAA, are a testament to their commitment to compliance and product excellence. Upgrade your lighting solutions today with Mason’s Master Series Floodlight 800W and experience the benefits of energy efficiency, durability, and exceptional performance. Trust Mason as your preferred commercial LED flood lights manufacturer and illuminate your space with confidence.

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