Discover the World of Benco Mobile Phones and Accessories

Are you on the hunt for a practical, high-quality mobile phone that offers durability without compromising affordability? Look no further than Benco – the global mobile phone & accessory brand dedicated to providing honest prices, reliable products and exceptional services.

Who is Benco?

Benco is an independent mobile phone and accessory brand established by Inone Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. With over a decade of experience in mobile phone development, manufacturing and sales across 28 countries & regions, Benco mobile has served over 60 million customers worldwide since its inception in 2009.

Benco Products

Benco offers a range of mobile phones and accessories to cater to various lifestyles while keeping budgetary requirements in mind. The product line includes smartphones and feature phones, such as the V Series, Y Series, iris Series, P series, E series, and C series.

Smartphone enthusiasts can explore the extensive collection of Benco smartphones and choose the one that suits their needs. From the V series’ sleek design to the Y series’ high-performance cameras, all smartphones offer exceptional features at affordable prices.

For those looking for functional mobiles, the feature phone series has got you covered. Whether it’s the P series’ long battery life or the C series’ sturdy design, Benco feature phones offer great value for money.

The Technology behind Benco Mobile Phones

Benco invests millions of yuan annually in research and development, ensuring that all its mobile phones incorporate cutting-edge technology. As a result, Benco mobile phones operate flawlessly, deliver impressive performance, and come with unmatched durability and longevity.


Benco mobile phones and accessories sport a powerful combination of quality, reliability, and affordability. It is easy to see why Benco has become a favourite among young consumers seeking exciting products and enjoyable user experiences. Choose Benco mobile phones and experience technology at its best!

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