Why Is Managed Dedicated Server Useful For Your Business Websites?


When you deploy a new server, will you manage the server or let an experienced team carry some of the load for you?

When it comes to opting for a dedicated server you get two options to choose from- 1. Managed Dedicated Server, 2. Unmanaged Dediacted Server. Both types of servers carry the same resources however the only difference is the server management. How would you know, which one will be suitable for you? Well, the only answer to this question is if you know how to manage the server resources then you can get an unmanaged server. But if you want an experienced team to handle the external resources of the server then you can get fully managed dedicated server hosting plans.

Furthermore, in this guide, we will discuss managed servers, their benefits, which hosting provider offers the best services, and what are the other features they deliver.

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Managed dedicated servers are perfect for those business owners who do not have ample technical information about the hardware server resources and how to handle them. In this type of server, you don’t have to worry about backend server administration. The hosting provider from whom you bought the services will handle the server.

They will do the server setup, security upgrades, regular server monitoring, backups, and other essential parts that a not enough knowledge person can’t do. Basically, we can say, you have your own server that a team of IT professionals handles to keep the server running smoothly.

Choosing the right hosting provider gets very important for Managed Dedicated Server services and further in this article, we will going to discuss Hostbillo as the best hosting provider. Let’s proceed to the next section and discover why you should choose managed hosting.

Why Should You Choose Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

Why Should You Choose Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans?

Perfection in Performance and Speed

When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you have the privilege of not sharing the server resources with any other user. You are the sole user of the server and all the server resources are exclusive to you. And, no other site will damage the performance of your website. This results in better performance of your website. 

Plus, as you have a managed dedicated server, the service provider will run frequent site speed audits to make sure that your site will run smoothly. However, in managed hostings, it gets your responsibility to run the test.

High-Level Security

Everything revolves around security when you are online. There are lots of threats and cyber attacks that can damage your online business reputation. It is very critical for company owners to have strong security measures. Therefore, managed dedicated server services enhance your site’s security and make it less vulnerable to security breaches.

The provider will keep checking the security of your server and scan the virus attacks if any. However, you may forget to run the scan due to your busy schedule but the service provider can not as this is their responsibility to provide you with a high level of security measures and keep your server safe.

Time and Money Saver

When you think about opting for dedicated hosting, it gets very obvious that your business is your top priority. So, why choose an unmanaged dedicated server when you can have managed one that can save you time and money? As you own a big reputed business, there will be lots of other things that you need to put your attention to.

Managed dedicated server will only make your time less consumed in less attentive things. It will also save you money by not spending on hiring an additional IT team to manage the server. That’s why getting managed dedicated services are essential when you want to more focus on your business.

24*7 Support

The biggest advantage of getting a managed dedicated hosting service is the hosting provider will offer you 24*7 support without any delay. As you purchased the managed services, this will only make your provider close to you than the unmanaged ones. A professional team is available around the clock to solve the queries of your questions.

Get Unparalleled Experience

The first time, you manage the server, you have to learn all the important things like installing and monitoring security updates, modifying and removing files, and carrying out other duties. It will consume lots of your time that’s why getting dedicated server hosting managed by a professional team will make your work easier and provide an unparalleled experience. You don’t have to learn to operate a server on your own.

Which Hosting Provider Offers Best Managed Dedicated Server Services?

Which Hosting Provider Offers Best Managed Dedicated Server Services?

Hostbillo hosting solution is one of the top providers that offer affordable hosting services. It provides completely managed dedicated server services. To resolve your queries or server issues if you encounter any, you can connect with their experts anytime via your preferred communication channel. In addition, Hostbillo’s managed servers complement the company’s powerful dedicated servers powered by the latest processors and advanced technologies. Let’s discuss what are the other aspects of Hostbillo’s Managed Dedicated Services.

Features of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Hosting Managed Services

Hostbillo managed to serve the best-dedicated server hosting features for your business website, let’s take a look at what the plans include.

  1. Top-class Server Configurations
  2. 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime
  3. 24/7 Customer Service
  4. Complete Root Control
  5. Server Management by Expert Technicians
  6. Unlimited Bandwidth
  7. DDoS Protection
  8. One-Click Installer
  9. Quick Server Deployment
  10. Website Migration


If you are interested in expanding your business while keeping it safe from virus attacks then upgrading to the managed dedicated server hosting services is perfect for your website. It has its own privileges that positively affect your business website. You get well-skilled professionals to manage your server hardware and provide the best solutions. They keep updating it to perform it well and smoothly.

However, you can also buy dedicated server services from Hostbillo that are managed for your website. They provide an initial server setup with an instant provisioning facility. Your server will get 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance by the team.

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