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Illuminate with Precision: Light Sky’s Space Beam Flashlight – AQUABEAM400LL-E

AQUABEAM400LL-E, a remarkable space beam flashlight that combines power, versatility, and precision. Designed to deliver exceptional lighting effects, this flashlight is perfect for professional use in various applications. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the AQUABEAM400LL-E sets a new standard for space beam flashlights. Experience the brilliance and versatility of Light Sky‘s flashlight and unlock a world of lighting possibilities.

Powerful Light Source and Efficient Power System

The AQUABEAM400LL-E space beam flashlight is equipped with a high-performance light source and power system. With a voltage range of AC100-240V and a frequency of 50-60Hz, this flashlight operates seamlessly in different power conditions. Its 400W USHIO NSL 400L lamp, with a temperature of 7300K, provides a bright and focused beam. The lamp’s lifespan can reach up to 2000 hours in normal mode and 6000 hours in eco mode. The built-in 400W Ushio E-ballast ensures stable and efficient power supply, enabling optimal performance of the flashlight.

Versatile Color, Gobo, and Effects

Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E offers a wide range of color, gobo, and effects options to unleash your creativity. With a beam angle of 2 degrees, this flashlight produces a precise and concentrated beam of light. The adjustable independent frost effect allows you to create softer and diffused lighting when desired. Choose from 14 colors plus a blank, with built-in 2500K and 3200K CTO filters for warm tones. The fixed gobo wheel features 11 gobos, along with blank and 3 animation gobos for dynamic projections. The prism options include an 8-facet prism, 16-facet prism, and prism combinations, offering mesmerizing light manipulation. The linear electronic focus and high precision 168 optical lens ensure sharp and accurate light projection. Additionally, the flashlight features adjustable strobe settings, ranging from 1 to 9Hz, with synchronization, pulse, and random stroboscopic effects. The super smooth dimmer allows seamless control of light intensity from 0 to 100%.


Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E space beam flashlight is a powerful tool that brings precision and versatility to your lighting endeavors. With its powerful light source, efficient power system, and wide range of color, gobo, and effects options, this flashlight empowers you to create captivating lighting designs. Whether you’re a professional lighting designer, event planner, or photographer, the AQUABEAM400LL-E provides exceptional performance and endless possibilities. Experience the brilliance and precision of Light Sky’s space beam flashlight and elevate your lighting game to new heights.

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