How Can I Make My Coil Last Longer? Voopoo Coils

If you are worried about the life of the atomiser, you are at the right place. This blog will give a detailed explanation of the recommendations to improve the lifespan of the atomiser. Although many high-quality vape coils have been available in recent times, among them, Voopoo Coils in the UK is suggested to improve your vaping experience.

Influence Of Vape Coil:

The high-quality atomiser, like the Voopoo coil, is one of the most significant components of vaping devices, as it converts the e-liquid into vape clouds after evaporation. However, the priming of the atomiser accurately offers a satisfactory flavour intensity with the denser vapour production. 

Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of The Coil:

As the atomiser’s accurate functioning is crucial, it is suggested to follow some instructions to avoid burning the atomiser and extend its life for a smooth vaping experience. These suggestions include proper priming, staying away from frequent puffing, avoiding sweet flavours, and cleaning the coil regularly. 

Prime The Coil Properly:

For enjoying the vaping session, it is recommended to prime the coil accurately. It requires some specific time for e-liquid to saturate the wicking material thoroughly so that the wick might prevent burning when the battery activates. Therefore, for accurate working of the device, it is suggested to prime the atomisers, including Voopoo coils.

Avoid Frequent Puffing:

To extend the life of the Voopoo vape coil, it is recommended to avert frequent vaping; so that your coil might prevent overheating or burning. Constant vaping might affect the efficacy of your coil as it does not have enough time to work correctly. Therefore, for the efficacy of vape kits, like the Innokin vape kit, it is advised to take a gap between the vaping. 

Avert From Sweet Flavours:

For efficient working of the coil, avoiding frequently consuming the sweet flavour of the vape juice is suggested. The reason beyond this is the sucralose in the sweet e-juice flavours might stick to the atomiser, which affects the flavour intensity. Therefore, for the proper functioning of the Voopoo Coil, it is recommended not to choose sweet flavours often.

Often Cleaning Of Atomiser:

Cleansing of the coil, including the Voopoo coil of the UK, plays a significant role in the correct working of the device. Proper cleansing of the atomiser might extend the life of the atomiser, giving an excellent flavour intensity and offering denser vapour production.  

Indications Of Replacing The Coil:

The above-mentioned are some suggestions to extend the life of the premium coil like the Voopoo coils; here is the list of some signals which indicate that it’s time to replace the atomiser to prevent you from burnt hits.

  • Gurgling sound of a coil indicates the malfunctioning of the device; therefore, it is suggested to change your atomiser when the gurgling sound is observed.  
  • : The quick indication of improper coil working is a burnt or dry hit; therefore, If you feel a burnt hit instead of a good e-liquid flavour, it refers to replacing your coil. 
  • : Another warning is the lower production of vape clouds. However, it is not an immediate sign but it will gradually notice a clear reduction in the amount and size of vape cloud production.

Wind-Up Lines

To wind up the discussion, it is stated that for the accurate functioning of the coil, such as the Voopoo coil, it is recommended to follow the above-mentioned tips, which might help extend the coil’s lifespan.

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