Erectile Dysfunction Treatment With Vitamins

You may be wondering what is an effective Erectile Dysfunction treatment. Read this article to learn more about bioflavonoids, Niacin, Epimedium, and vitamin C. All of these nutrients can help you achieve a healthy erection and improve your overall health. If you’re having trouble conceiving, erectile dysfunction, or even just a weak erection, a vitamin supplement may be an excellent solution for you.


Researchers have identified the role of bioflavonoids in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). These powerful antioxidants are an essential component of the vitamin C complex, and their properties make them an important ED treatment. For example, flavonoids improve penile blood flow by promoting robustness of blood vessels. Moreover, they are known to enhance the absorption of vitamin C. To understand the role of bioflavonoids in erectile dysfunction treatment, let us explore the different types of bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids have several positive effects on erectile function, but some of these compounds may not be suitable for everyone. Bioflavonoids have shown promising results in experimental models of erectile dysfunction due to hypertension and aging. They may also have positive effects when combined with PDE5 inhibitors. These natural remedies may be worth a try if you are not comfortable taking prescription カマグラ ゴールド.

If you’ve been prescribed a prescription, talk to your doctor about whether bioflavonoids may be right for you. The FDA has found “natural” ED treatment products on the Internet. You should discuss any supplements you’re interested in with your doctor, who can prescribe an appropriate place to buy them. Also, try to maintain a moderate body weight, as it may help you manage underlying conditions that contribute to ED.

Vitamin C

It’s possible that using Vitamin C for erectile dysfunction treatment can improve your libido. The benefits of vitamin C are many, and the vitamin is also known as l-ascorbic acid. This powerful antioxidant aids in the production and maintenance of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels in the penis and enhances blood flow. However, there is no proven link between vitamin C and erectile dysfunction.

One type of Vitamin C is arginine, an amino acid that can improve blood flow. However, some supplements of arginine are ineffective, as they break down too quickly to be absorbed by the body. A more natural source of arginine is watermelon, which contains citrulline. However, arginine is not known to cause erectile dysfunction. The vitamin also has other beneficial effects, but doctors recommend taking it with food or prescription medications.

While vitamin C may have beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction, it has no definitive evidence for its efficacy. Research suggests that vitamin C may promote healthy immune function, which is an important factor in erectile dysfunction. Its low risk of side effects makes it a popular alternative for erectile dysfunction. While Vitamin C has not been shown to improve erectile function, it is a safe, effective supplement that may be worth considering for your libido.


Studies have shown that niacin may be as effective as statins in improving erectile function. Niacin also causes a flushing effect related to the release of prostaglandin D2 in the skin. Niacin stimulates the release of this hormone, which engorges the cavernosal tissue in the penis. It is believed that this process is responsible for improved erectile function.

Although many ED sufferers have a high level of cholesterol, a daily dose of niacin can improve erectile function and lower cholesterol levels. The supplement also improves blood flow in the penis and reduces inflammation, two factors linked to both high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction. Niacin is a form of vitamin B3, and is required to produce sex hormones and chemical-signaling molecules. The benefits of niacin for erectile dysfunction treatment are best seen when taken in conjunction with other supplements that improve a patient’s condition. セルノスジェル are trustful solution of Erectile dysfunction problem for men.


The use of Epimedium for erectile dysfunction therapy has been documented in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. This herbal preparation is a potent sexual enhancer, with evidence of therapeutic effects on vascular smooth muscle. Its active moiety is called icariin, and it has been studied for its effects on penile hemodynamics and tissue effects in cavernous nerve-injured rats, as well as its effect on cultured pelvic ganglia.

Epimedium is used in several herbal preparations, either alone or in combination with other natural treatments. It is also used in standardized formulations, which include 5% of icariin flavonoid marker, which is not necessarily the active principal. Recommended daily doses are between 0.5 mg and 1.5 mg. Some standardized formulations also contain a complementary herb called yin huang gua, which improves cognitive function.

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