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Elevate Industrial Efficiency with Meishuo’s Premium Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam

Dive into the realm of closed cell polyethylene foam, a versatile and durable material that offers unmatched firmness and longevity. Meishuo presents a range of high-quality closed cell polyethylene foam products tailored to meet diverse industrial needs with precision. This reliable foam variant is ideal for various applications, excelling in shock absorption and vibration dampening. Its exceptional attributes make it a favored choice for automotive interiors, contributing to weight reduction and noise control in vehicles.

Polyolefin Foam – Innovating with Meishuo’s IXPE Foam MSI30

Discover Meishuo’s Polyolefin Foam – IXPE Foam MSI30, a revolutionary foam variant cross-linked through irradiation and foaming processes. With a unique independent-cell-structure foam design formed through controlled expansion, IXPE foam boasts nearly 100% closed cells, optimizing its properties for applications requiring resilience, insulation, and dimensional stability. Meishuo’s commitment to excellence shines through in the exceptional quality of the IXPE foam, offering unparalleled performance for a wide range of industrial uses.

IXPE Foam: Redefining Foam Solutions

Meishuo’s IXPE foam sets new standards in foam technology by delivering a superior closed-cell structure that expands in width and thickness for enhanced effectiveness. This innovative foam material, cross-linked through irradiation, exhibits exceptional characteristics such as lightweight construction, robust insulation, and versatility in shaping and forming. With nearly all cells being closed cells, Meishuo’s IXPE foam guarantees reliability and longevity, making it a top choice for industries requiring high-performance foam solutions.


Meishuo’s closed cell polyethylene foam products, including the advanced IXPE foam variants like the MSI30, exemplify the pinnacle of innovation and quality in the foam industry. With a focus on superior properties such as closed-cell structure, resilience, and versatility, Meishuo’s foam solutions offer unparalleled performance and durability for a wide array of industrial applications. Elevate your efficiency, enhance your processes, and trust in the excellence of Meishuo’s closed cell polyethylene foam to meet and exceed your industrial needs.

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